A website optimized for the best possible experience for your visitors and the greatest interaction.

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I will create/optimize your landing pages to encourage interaction, secure your visitors, and generate interest.

  • Simplification of Texts and Processes

  • Use of Psychological Mechanisms

  • UX/UI Strategic Design

  • Implementation of A/B tests


I will create/modify your online store to increase the visibility of your products and optimize SEO and conversion rate.

  • SEO Strategy

  • Mobile and iPad Responsive

  • Optimization of the sales funnel

  • Smart Forms Integration 


I will create/improve your Website or Portfolio to make the design more modern and the content more accessible.

  • Creation of showcase websites

  • Online CV/Portfolio Creation

  • Modification of existing websites


I will be able to perform various services surrounding the creation of your website, including:

  • Automation of processes and emails

  • Building a loyalty strategy through emails

  • Creating UX prototypes on Adobe XD

My Services also include:


I study among the available domains the one which will best fit your business.


I optimize the referencing and meta-tags of your pages as well as the titles and descriptions.


Strategic and psychological design to anticipate your visitors' experience.


I anticipate the behavior of your visitors through scenarios in order to predict their actions.


I design your logos and banners, I also edit your professional photos in Lightroom/Photoshop.


I configure your emailing campaigns and design your responsive HTML email templates.

What's More:


Trilingual, I manage and translate your content into French - Spanish - English.


I master and am trained in Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, and Adobe XD.

My main motivation is your full satisfaction. 100% satisfied or refunded.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the difference between a Web Designer and a Web Developer?

By definition, the web designer takes care of the graphics and design of a website. The web developer is in charge of the coding of advanced features requiring much heavier integrations / pluggins / database management or e-commerce with more than a hundred of products.

2) Can a Web Designer embed HTML codes on the website?

Yes ! It is possible to integrate intermediate HTML codes or to customize the CSS code of the website. On the other hand, if you want to create a more complicated website linked to databases and requiring the creation of specific programs, you will then need a Web Developer in addition to a Web Designer.

3) Do I need a logo, domain or images?

Ideally, having a logo, domain, or images for the site will speed up the process and lower the cost of the website. If not, there is no problem! We will take care of creating your logo, researching your domain as well as the images to add for you.

4) Do I need to prepare the website text?

Indeed, after our first meeting, you will need to prepare the text for:

  1. The titles, descriptions and keywords of the pages
  2. The titles, subtitles and descriptions of the blocks of your pages
  3. The titles, descriptions, prices and options of your products
  4. Terms of sale, FAQ and return/delivery policy
Trained in international marketing and psychological design, I will improve your content. This text will be a basis for the creation of your site but will be improved and optimized to facilitate the visitor experience.

5) What elements can complete the creation of the site?

In addition to creating the design of your site, I can provide you with the following services:

  1. Creation of the website logo and banners
  2. Domain research and market study
  3. Creation of UX/UI prototypes of your website or app
  4. Creation of illustrations, videos or custom animations
  5. Creation of satisfaction forms, quizzes or surveys
  6. SEO Strategy (search engine optimization)
  7. SEA Strategy (configuration of your online advertising)
  8. Creation of the Privacy Policy
  9. Creation of HTML emails and emailing campaigns

6) Why choose me and not another designer?

As a web designer, I also have a Master in International Marketing from the Neoma Business School (2014). Completely trilingual English / Spanish, I have worked in several countries and different sectors including marketing and advertising. My goal is not only to make your werbsite beautiful, I will try to make it as functional and as efficient as possible so that you can generate the most interactions and sales with your visitors.

7) I want to modify / improve my site, is it possible?

It is quite possible to improve an existing site or to create a new, more modern version of your site. Please contact me directly to discuss it together.

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